Lucis Fragmenta

mosaic artist

A tale from two of the most famous cities of art in history.

Venice, with its wonderful Millefiori and vitreous enamels, and Ravenna with its charming stained glass.

It’s an opportunity to take home a piece of history.

Style Collection

  Each minute we keep our eyes closed,
We lose sixty seconds of light  

Discover the new mirror frames collection that reinvent classic sizes thanks to a dialogue between elegance and colours.

Lucis Fragmenta

mosaic artist

The particular mosaic technique used in my work allows for the enchanting interplay of light between the interstices of the tiles. Every single piece of glass, enamel and Millefiori is individually cut and selected, making each one of these mosaic art mirrors a unique and inimitable piece of art that captures the glance and draws the eye, wherever it is placed in your home.

The extraordinary palette of light and colour in these mosaic wall mirrors must be seen to be understood. These two elements combined create an engaging effect that elevates one’s health and experience of home, enriching even the silence and shadows.

Joyful Collection

  Great things are done... a series of small things brought together  

Mosaic mirror photo frames: Celebrate your best moments embracing them with light or astonish with a unique gift. Literally.



My Mosaic mirror frame creations enhance all environments and catalyse the senses. These delightful art pieces create a unique atmosphere in any home, as well as providing immediate and impeccable style that integrates seamlessly into your home, available in an array of dazzling colours and prismatic variety.

A fine choice to compliment your newly refurbished home or celebrate the purchase of a property.

For centuries, mosaics have enhanced the world’s most beautiful buildings, from the grandest churches to the most resplendent palaces, by combining the universal sense of beauty recognised by so many different cultures into a timeless joy that is renewed with every sight.

Take home the art form that has made immortal the most sumptuous and admired residences of historyReach a true transformation of style in a single touch with one of these stunning mosaic mirrors.

About me

  A ray of light coming to play with those mosaic tesserae before continuing its journey.
In that moment, stars were nearer to us than never before...